Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not cool

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Tigers...but c'mon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sheriff Missing

Sheriff dog disappeared today . . . wonder where he went.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eventful Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was awesome this year!

My people have been pretty lazy to wake up recently and I don't get fed until later in the morning sometimes. On Christmas Eve my tall person fed me sometime earlier in the morning. It was tasty. He then went right back to bed . . . because he's lazy. Later on, my girl person got up and gave me SECOND BREAKFAST!!! It was awesome! A tip to you dogs out there, just act like you're starving ALL THE TIME. Then if someone doesn't know you've already eaten, they'll probably feed you anyway.

Most of the rest of the day, my people were cooking stuff, so there were great smells all over the place. I, of course, helped as much as I could by standing in the kitchen as much in the way as possible.

Later that night I got dinner, as usual. After I wolfed down my third meal of the day I stood outside and bragged to all the other dogs in the neighborhood. It sounded like this -

Then I came back inside only to see my people leave for church. Not that I mind -- that gave me time to work off the extra food by taking a big fat nap on the couch. Only thing is, I was really excited about Santa coming. Here's what I felt like -

With all the excitement....I threw up on the couch. It was no big deal, really. Think of it like this -

But for some reason my people seemed a little upset. I heard rumors of the vintage furniture being replaced in the near future. That's okay with me . . . I could use a new bed.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Fun

My people put up my Christmas tree for me about a week ago. It took them long enough. They were super-lazy and didn't put one up at all last year. I'm glad they finally got around to it, though. It smells nice, it gives me an extra place to get a drink of water and most of all it has THESE:

That's right! Much like people have pinatas, I get these little glass ornaments that, if you're lucky, have little puppy-treats in them. I haven't found any, yet. But I plan on starting my search again soon. The people make it tricky for me, but I am very adept at getting to all of them. First, I take out the low-hanging ornaments. Then I use the well-lit wire rope as a ladder to climb to the top of the tree where the most valuable prizes often hide.

Here's a picture of my exploits from a couple years ago. No treats that year, but I'm still hopeful for this year.

Evil Trespasser

An evil and completely unwelcome intruder invaded my home a couple weeks ago. He's a rather small and ugly pooch that somehow has the impression he's the sheriff around here. I will sooner rip his face off before bestowing such a title upon him. His day of judgment is coming and all will know that there is but one sheriff at the White house and she is ME!

Here is a video of his recent transgression. It serves as proof of his evil doing.