Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Swimming Party

Funny thing happened last weekend -- I'm sleeping on my bed, minding my own business and my tall person throws me into the Situation Room (where all the computers are). Turns out, they WERE planning another swimming party, but decided to make it a surprise, middle-of-the-night party. It must not have been very good because it only lasted a couple hours. I slept through most of it. My people are lame. Check out their tiny, lame swimming pool:

When I emerged from my slumber (read: my tall person let me out of Situation Room prison), yet another tiny person had appeared. Looks just like the last one that appeared at the first lame swimming party 18 months ago, but they talked to this one differently. Here's what they said:

Ainsley Grace White
8lbs 8oz
super cute

Over the next couple days all sorts of people came and went. Most importantly, I got plenty of attention and was fed regularly. I had a lot of fun with these two Casady girls that I chased all over the house. I thought they might take me home with them….

Anyway, here are some pictures of all the weekend's action if you're into that sort of thing:


Greg said...

A couple of hours? That's nothing. I spent 3 days in my situation room this week. My room doesn't have internet access. It is literally a cage. Not cool. On the bright side, my people finally got the hint and had the big squirrel habitat removed from the back yard.

- Norm

Jersey said...

I only spent a couple hours in the Situation Room because I assert myself, Norm. For instance, I ate two pacifiers today. I fear nothing. I'm quite confident my tall person won't actually follow through with the onslaught of threats he made at me.

I can see how you struggle with this, though. Heck it appears you had to beg your tall person to post your comment for you rather than just doing it yourself….

Give it a shot, Norm. Be awesome like me.