Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unacceptable Circumstances

A couple weeks ago I was horribly abused by both my people for almost an entire day. First, my short person wakes up at 4:30am and kicks me off my usual post of protecting the top of the couch while I sleep. I made her feed me since she already woke me up. A little chilly outside, but I'm tough and handled it brilliantly.

Later on, I had my tall person let me back in the house and could just sense that something was going on. The short person was making noise and seemed uncomfortable -- I offered my comfy bed for her to lay on, but she refused. Then, for no reason at all, the tall one locked me in their bedroom! What a load of crap. I heard more people come into the house, but I was just stuck in their room for hours and hours.

Around noon (the time I have continually but yet unsuccessfully lobbied to receive lunch) the tall one pulled me out of the bedroom and stuck me in the office. During my brief period of freedom I took a couple pictures to document all the commotion.

I guess they were having some sort of swimming party. I love swimming -- especially at the dog park. I heard some more noise a few hours later that woke me from a brief power nap. Then the tall person threw me back outside!!! At this point I was getting pretty upset. I'm the life of the party! Why wouldn't they want me in there? Eventually, I figured out that during one of my naps someone delivered a new person to my house! With my super sense of hearing I heard some stuff about him:

August Dean White
born 2:53 pm on 10/21/08 (about 10 minutes after my last nap)
weighed 7-lbs, 9-oz
20.5" long

Here's a picture of the little guy:

Looks to me like his foot is broken . . . but whatever. Only good thing to come of the day is that the short person's brother came and took me to Baby's house for a couple nights. That was AWESOME! Baby and I have great fun and we get to climb all over the furniture at her house. By way of introduction, here's me hanging out with Baby and in no way annoying the heck out of her:

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